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Your Most Valuable Marketing Asset

Your Most Valuable Marketing Asset . . .
Your Sphere of Influence

Who Should Be On Your Sphere Of Influence List?

Past Clients and Customers

Referral Sources

  • Accountants, Attorneys, Related Industry Professionals, etc.

Members of Lead Groups

Members of Networking Groups

  • Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Toastmasters, Associations, B.N.I., etc.

Social Circles 

  • Health Club Members, Hobby Related Activities  i.e. Gourmet Dinner Groups, Bunko, Bridge/Card Clubs, Travel Clubs, etc.


  • Your Inner Circle of Friends

  • Spouse’s Friends and Co-workers

  • Parents of Your Children’s Friends


Family Contacts

  • Your Children’s Sports Teams – Fellow Parents & Coaches

  • Church/Synagogue Circles

  • PTO and or Other School Related Contacts

  • Teachers, Child Care Providers

Service Providers

  • Hair Stylist, Dog Groomer, Vet

  • Plumber, Handyman, Painter

  • Insurance Provider, Financial Adviser, Accountant

New Contacts – Be sure to remember to add new contacts as you acquire them.