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Step by Step Instruction Page

After submitting Sign Up Form, follow these 4 steps to finish the set up process.


Step 1Submit YOUR First Name Signature

  • This is an important feature that is included in our services.  YOUR REAL HAND SIGNATURE! 

  • We emulate your signature onto your cards as closely as we can using your sample as a guide. (example of a hand-signed card)

    Submitting your signature can be done very easily by following these steps:

  1. Sign your “FIRST NAME ONLY” 3x’s on a piece of paper, the way you want it to look on your cards. (see example)

  2. Scan, upload and submit your Hand-Signature. (see upload area below)
    or Email to us: Attach a pdf or jpeg file and email to (subject title “signature”) or Fax to 801-294-5053 (*Make sure you include your full name and phone number so that we can ensure that we know who the signature belongs to.)

Step 2 – Send us your Client List

Who Should Be On Your List? (click here for brainstorming ideas)

Create an excel spread sheet with the following fields:

Column A – Last Name (example: Smith)
Column B – Mail Name (example: John & Mary Smith)
Column C – Address 1
Column D – Address 2
Column E – City
Column F- State (Abbreviation)
Column G – Zip Code
Column H – Birth date
Column I – Birth date for spouse

You can get your list to us by using either of the options below:

1. Attach Spread Sheet to email and send to:

2. or Upload and submit using our upload area below.

 – Upload Area –

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Step 3 – Send us business cards

Send us a box of your business cards to keep handy so that we can insert them into your greeting cards.  What a great way to encourage your clients to give you referrals.

Send your business cards to the following address:

Client Link, Inc.
3531 South 100 East
,Ste. 101

Bountiful, UT. 84010

Step 4 – Choose Payment Preference
$99 One Time Set Up

1. Call us to give us your credit card information. We will keep it on file and will only charge at time of processing an order.

2. If you’d prefer to pay by check or money order then you may send your payment to us using the address in step 4 above.  We will not process your order until the money clears the bank.


Members of our staff are available to help with
any questions you may have.

Please feel free to call at any time!
(801) 294-0888 Office
1-888-338-LINK (5465)toll free