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Our Services

LogoOur “Done For You” Greeting Card Services Include:

  • High Quality “Paper” Card Stock Greeting Cards
  • Real Hand Signature – emulated from the sample you’ve given us
    (view sample of hand-signed card)
  • Colored Envelopes
  • Beautiful Calligraphy Font (printed on envelope with your return address)
  • List maintenance (you just send us updates as needed) see instructions here
    Client link, Inc. is not responsible for inaccurate addresses provided by customers.
  • Business cards inserted (if previously supplied)
    (Other inserts such as flyers, coupons or magnets may also be included but certain qualifications may apply.) Contact Client Link Representative for details.
  • Cards mailed in a timely manner
  • Reports of mailings and invoices emailed to you monthly
  • We do all the work for you and you get all the credit from your clients!

*Optional service:

Our Mailing Programs

Sphere Mailing Program:

  • All services in the first section above are included.
  • Customized verses
  • Business information printed on cards
  • One month before your cards are scheduled to go out, you will receive an email of the card proof for your final approval. You look it over and make sure everything looks good. Changes can be made at this time if necessary.
  • You will receive a complimentary card just like the one you are sending to your clients, each time your mailings go out.
  • You will receive monthly reports letting you know who has or will be receiving cards for that month.

*Optional Service:

  • For those who would like a local postmark . . . We can get the cards all ready to go and mail them to you. Then you can drop them in the mail at your local post office.(This service is available for the “Sphere Mailing Program” only)

Subscription Follow-Up Programs:

Real Estate Campaign,
Mortgage Campaign
Auto-dealer Campaign

  • All services in the first section above are included.
  • Follow-up programs are time sensitive using the closing date or start date indicated.
  • We keep track and send cards in 6 month increments for the running length of the program selected.
  • You will receive monthly reports via email of the clients that have received or will be receiving cards for that month.

Birthday Campaign:

  • All services in the first section above are included.
  • You choose birthday cards from our Birthday Card Album. Pick one for your Male clients, and one for your Female clients.
  • We will mail the cards that you have chosen, according to the gender of the clients on the program.
  • We mail the birthday cards 7 – 10 days before their birth date.
  • Each year, you will be reminded to choose two new birthday cards.
  • Your clients and/or employees will appreciate that you have remembered their special day.

Individual Card Program:

  • All services in the first section above are included.
  • You select a card from our card album whether it be a birthday, anniversary, get well, congratulations, etc.
  • You are able to customize the message or add special sentiments.
  • As soon as we receive your approval, your card will be sent on the date that you’ve chosen.

Customized Card Templates

  • All services in the first section above are included.
  • This program is designed so that you can create a standardized greeting card that is sent quickly to clients or employees.
  • Your card is always ready to go. When we receive your order, your card will be mailed the next business day.
  • Examples of using this program are: 
Welcoming new clients or team members
Thanking employees
Thanking customers for a recent purchase or service rendered
Meeting follow-up
Employee of the month
Encouraging feedback
  • You choose a card from our collection, or you can use one of your own images for the front of the card. Set up fees may apply.
  • Contact us for details!