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1. How much do your services cost?

All of our programs cost far less than doing it yourself. For just the price of the cards or gifts, you receive all the wonderful features of our services at no additional cost. We're basically the most cost effective assistant you could ever hire! Your cost will vary depending on the program selected, the size of your list, and the frequency of your mailings. We'll be glad to tailor a program that meets your needs. Call us for a free no-obligation consultation and quote.

Greeting Card Services:

Sphere Mailing Program - Sent in quarterly intervals to your list of clients.

$99 - One-time Account Set-Up  ($69 per account for offices of 6 or more signing up)

$35 - Yearly Maintenance

$2.63 per card (includes postage)

*Flyers or business cards are included at NO EXTRA COST!* (supplied by you)

Individual Card Program

$3.50 per card (+ first class postage stamp)

Customized Card

$10.00 one time customization fee

Birthday Card Campaign

$3.50 per card (+ first class postage stamp)

3 yr Follow-up Campaigns
(first class postage stamps included)

For a one-time charge, your client will receive a
series of 7 cards sent every 6 months for 3 yrs. 
If the subscription is canceled within the 3 yr.
time period for reasons such as a client move etc,
you will be credited back for any unused cards.
If you do not see your industry here, we can
create a program for you.

Gift Cards - Face value of gift card plus $3.00 handling per gift card. The gift card and accompanying greeting card will be sent USPS First Class Parcel within the U.S.A. currently at $2.54 which includes mail tracking. Insurance can be added and starts at $2.20 for up to $50.00 coverage. Additional coverage can be added.  Contact us for out of the U.S.A. postage prices.

With each gift card order, you will receive via email a copy of the gift card sales receipt.
Your client will receive a verification gift card receipt along with the gift card.

Facebook Posting Service

$199 - One Time Set Up

Option 1 - $99.95/mo - 1-2 dfy posts per day

Option 2 - $149.95 /mo -  1-2 dfy posts per day + your own custom pics or videos (that you give to us) sent when you tell us to.

View samples here

Monthly Email Newsletters

$99/mo -  Fun and educational newsletters all "Done For You" and ready to go each month. We do all the content and design and all you have to do is email them to your clients, or have us do it for you (see below).

$149/mo - We design and email your monthly email newsletter  to your clients for you. Boom!

Other Miscellaneous Services:

Resend Card   $1.50 per card + stamp
Change-Spelling, Address  .25 per name
Data Entry    .25 per name
Client Labels .05 per name
Client Envelopes .15 per envelope
Zip Code Research .25 per name
List Import Fee $10.00 per list

* Utah Residents; 6.6% tax for merchandise and 3% tax for food will be applied. 

* Extra Charges will apply for out of Country mailings
*Price increases: Future campaign, gift and shipping & handling prices are subject to increases in postal rates & cost of goods. 
*Check this website page for our current pricing.


2. What if I want a local postmark?

As an optional service for the "Sphere Mailing Campaigns", you can have your finished cards shipped to you all ready to go. When you receive them, all you have to do is drop them in the mail for a local postmark.

*$3.00 handling per order and extra postage applies and is as follows:

1-40 Greeting Card(s)

  • $5.95 anywhere in the U.S.A.

41 - 250 Greeting Cards

  • $12.65 anywhere in the U.S.A.

251 - 330 Greeting Cards

  • $17.90 anywhere in the U.S.A.

331 - 370 Greeting Cards

  • $23.85 anywhere in the U.S.A.

371 - 580 Greeting Cards

  • $30.55 anywhere in the U.S.A.

*For more USA shipping rates and for Canada and All Other Country Rates, Please Contact Us

3. Is there an extra cost for more than one signature?

Card prices include up to 2 signatures. Each additional signature will be 3 cents each per card signed.

4. Can I use my own photos for the images for the front of the cards and my own logo on the back of the cards?

Yes. Using your own images and logos is a great way to personalize your card to your specific business or industry. A $10.00 one-time customization fee is charged per card customized. Contact us for more details.

5. What are your billing procedures?

We accept credit cards, checks or money orders. Orders will not be processed until the check or money order clears the bank.

Credit cards will be processed by the following schedule:

  1. 3 yr. Follow-up Campaign orders will be charged at the time of submission.

  2. Birthday Campaign orders will be processed and charged around the 9th day of the month prior to the scheduled birth dates. (For example, all August birthdays will be charged July 9th to ensure timely processing and delivery.)

  3. Sphere Mailing Campaign orders will be charged at the time of final approval.

  4. Individual Card orders will be charged at the time of final approval.

  5.  Customized Card Template orders will be charged at the time of submission.

 How do your campaigns work?

You select which campaigns best fit your needs. You choose the cards and messages from our card albums to match your personality, provide client names and addresses and decide on the frequency. We do the rest. Your clients will receive your cards, with your message, on the dates that you've preselected depending on which campaign you have chosen. You receive monthly reports for your records.  Each card includes your hand-signature, your business card (if supplied) and commemorative stamp.

For more detailed information on each of our campaigns see "Our Services".

7. Why use a greeting card program?

Greeting cards are a unique and powerful way to “stay in touch” and build loyalty with your clients. Personalized greeting cards are not perceived as “junk mail.” On the contrary, greeting cards will set you apart from your competition in a positive way. Your clients will notice and appreciate the difference and you will notice an increase in your repeat and referral business.

8. What kind of results can I expect?

Most users experience measurable increases in client loyalty, retention, repeat business and referrals. In many industries, the net increase from a single repeat customer or referral far exceeds the cost of the entire program for years to come.

9. What if I need to make changes to my list?

You can make changes on this website in the "Members Area" or simply notify us by phone, fax or email.  We’ll automatically apply the changes to your very next mailing. Also, prior to each mailing, you can request to have us send you a copy of your list in time to make any changes that may be required. Your return address is on the envelopes of your mailings so you will receive all undeliverable cards.  Client Link is not responsible for inaccurate addresses provided by our customers.

10. Will I receive notices about my mailings?


  • At the 1st of each month, you will receive an account summary.

  • On or around the 10th of each month, you will receive one or more of the following, depending on the campaigns and programs you are doing: *New Client Report, *Mailings Report,  *and/or Birthday Report.

11. Will my client’s names & addresses be sold to any third parties?

Absolutely Not!  Client Link, Inc. respects you and your clients’ privacy and confidentiality of personal information.  Information shared with Client Link, Inc. will only be used for you and is stored on a secure, proprietary system and will not be distributed to any third parties.
(see our Data Privacy & Security Policy)