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10 GREAT reasons to use Client Link

Why Use Client Link for your Client Follow Up?

1. A Reliable turn-key service that costs less than doing it yourself

2. A wide variety of high quality cards to choose from

3. Personalized messages and sentiments

4. Cards are imprinted with your Name, Company Name, Phone Number, etc.

5. Each card is individually signed by hand (not scanned)

6. Your business card is enclosed

7. Brightly colored envelopes professionally addressed

8. Commemorative postage is always used

9. Database security and confidentiality

10. Every thing is hand done as if you did it yourself

WE SAVE YOU $$$$$$$$

Many times, the reason past clients leave for greener pastures
is simple neglect!

How much time do you have to fulfill this important part of
your business marketing?

Since most business professionals don’t have enough time . . .
it just makes sense to use a service like Client Link!
It’s like hiring a personal assistant.
By using our greeting card mailing services, you have more time
to concentrate on what you do best, and that is |